Company Policies

Sustainability Company Policies

At Herdade dos Grous we are committed to develop the scope of action to satisfy our clients and to create a sustainable environment according to the following principles:
· Implement practices that not only ensure hygiene and food safety principles but also contribute to the preservation of the environment.
· Invest in the personal and professional value of all our co-workers, raising the environmental awareness and competences, both individually and collectively. It will be recognized the co-workers’ effort and good practices in actions of environmental improvement.
· Comply with the legislation in general and environmental applicable regulations as well as the assumed environmental compromises, trying to be prepared in advance for the application of new legal requirements.
We are also engaged in accomplishing the fixed provisions of the current legislation, as well as in standard ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ET-PSVA, in order to continuously improve the effectiveness of the quality management system with the aim of contributing to the total requirements satisfaction of all interested parties.
· Improve the efficiency and productivity continuously, as well as measure, monitor and evaluate the company's environmental and sustainable performance through pre-established management objectives. We also seek to prevent and reduce the environmental impacts and support the adoption of better available techniques.
· The constant analysis of the improvement chances must be increased and we must practise it daily. The deviations and errors must be analysed and corrected. The problems must be predicted and controlled beforehand.
· Plan actions to identify, measure and manage the risks and opportunities associated with the product lifecycle and with all activities related to our Mission.
· We seek to align ourselves with the best business partners so that, based on the establishment of mutually advantageous relationships, we can jointly innovate and improve levels of performance and customer satisfaction.
· Integrate/include the plan of sustainability of the Alentejo wines into the company global management.
· Commit to protect the environment, including pollution prevention, mitigation and adaptation to          
climate change and protection of biodiversity and ecosystems.
· Use the natural resources and the energy rationally and efficiently.
· Reduce the production of waste and profiting the waste produced, assuring that the remaining is sent to the final suitable destination.
· Pay attention to the integration of the environmental values in the assessment of new projects and in the relevant decision makings towards the business evolution.
· We try to establish partnerships with those who share the same principles. We also influence the products and services suppliers to assume responsible environmental behaviours and practices. It will be given preference to suppliers that look for improvement, efficiency and sustainability in their operations and in the use of resources.
· Encourage the good agricultural practices which are effective in the conservation of natural resources, promoting, at the same time, the economical profitability of the exploration.
· Cooperate with Research and Development projects by establishing partnerships with academic and non-governmental organizations.
· Promote Social Responsibility by carrying out recreational and educational initiatives or activities, involving the community and other interested parties.
· Integrate the sustainable development goals into the company strategic management.
· Spread the policy for consultation to all interested parties. Keep the co-workers informed regularly about the evolution of the sustainable performance of the company.