Sustainability Biodiversity

At Herdade dos Grous we have been developing action plans towards integrated sustainable farming, looking beyond the vineyards, and considering the whole landscape mosaic, where we can find the
Montado (Oaklands) grasslands, olive orchards and parklands. Sustainability and Nature became the pillars of our project.
All of this landscape diversity composes the fundamental ecological network that supports our journey towards higher climate resilience, sustaining not only today’s business, but the evolution of a business model that will guarantee that the next generation will have at least the same, but ideally better conditions for enduring sustainable farming.
Here are some examples of our best practices:

- Preservation of Biodiversity based on a project for the management of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services, which identify, characterize and improve the areas and elements of high ecological value.

- Defining and restoring the fundamental ecological network composed by seed mixes that promote soil protection and weed control, hedgerows and habitat banks for pollinators of wild plants and attracting animal species that benefit the vineyards and other farming plots.

- We have installed a few bird of prey and bat boxes for maintaining ‘aerial support’ regarding pest control, from moths to rodents, and we are currently defining new sites for new boxes to increase the populations of bats and owls.

- Joined Act4nature Portugal, an initiative of BCSD Portugal, to mobilize and encourage companies to protect, promote and restore biodiversity and the services of ecosystems, one of the most important challenges facing the world today, along with climate change.